Baby Einstein Beethoven, all the way

Baby Einstein Beethoven, all the way

Baby Einstein Beethoven, why is this great for your children?

I would like to say that this DVD program is amazing, for my family music is a big part of our lives, I sing and my husband does too, and my kids absolutely love to hear us sing. I think what makes them so happy to hear us sing is we sing to their DVD’s, like the baby Einstein Beethoven, it has mostly classical music, and teaches about classical instruments, show what makes them so important. I don’t mind singing along with my kids too, they are having fun, and I’m having fun with them, so why would that be bad?

What makes my kids happy makes me happy

Baby Einstein Beethoven

My kids love when my husband and I sing to them whether it is their baby Einstein DVD music or whether it is the music we like, and sing daily. I love to make my kids happy with my singing, I love that my singing makes my kids happy. My daughter often asks me to sing to her, my son loves it too and begs after she asks. I love to be able to share my talents with them and not only that but actually sing the baby Einstein Beethoven is even better because they are learning as they listen. They love to watch the DVD baby Einstein Beethoven; they love the puppets on the DVD. My kids love to learn about the instruments, and learning from the music off, the DVD.

My kids at home, watching baby Einstein Beethoven

Baby Einstein Beethoven

When my kids are home, with me and getting bored they ask me if they can watch the baby Einstein Beethoven DVD, I tell them to get on the couch and sit down while I get it set up, they love watching this DVD, my daughter cant stay sitting down for nothing, she has to get up and dance and sing along with it, she loves to learn about the instruments, she tells me she is going to be a musician like Beethoven, and when she is rich she will, become the greatest musician in the world even bigger then Beethoven, I love to hear her enthusiasm when it comes to her watching the DVD. My son thinks that he is able to stay on the couch and watch, but as soon as my daughter is up and dancing, he can’t stay sitting down he has to get up and dance with her. They love dancing and singing along with the Beethoven DVD.

My thoughts on Beethoven and why I love my kids watching it

Baby Einstein Beethoven

I personally love that my daughter and son love to watch the baby Einstein Beethoven, mainly because it is not only fun, but very educational, I love that my daughter knows a lot of his music and the instruments. My son just likes the dancing part of watching the DVD. My kids are very happy when they are watching the baby Einstein Beethoven DVD. I love to watch the baby Einstein Beethoven DVD with them it is very entertaining to me as well as them, it is fun to see how much my kids have learned from watching the baby Einstein Beethoven DVD. I love that as a family we can watch the baby Einstein Beethoven and enjoy it together, and while spending that time together, we are all learning things we did not know about Beethoven. I like to learn about things like about Beethoven, I love this program; it is fun to watch or to listen too in the car on the road.

Baby Einstein Beethoven and what it means to my family

Baby Einstein Beethoven, is something my family enjoys watching together, my kids watch it a couple of times a day, and then as they are trying to fall asleep, I like to let them watch baby Einstein Beethoven in their rooms when they are going to sleep, so that the DVD’s information will sink in a little bit better, while they are sleeping.
Baby Einstein Beethoven means a lot to me and my family, simply because it teaches values, and how music is important to everyone, although not everyone loves music, or singing, and dancing, really my family grew up singing and dancing and that is why I have instilled this DVD into my children because I want them to know that music is an important aspect of life. Just the fact that my kids will have such a great role models like Beethoven is amazing to me that they can be so inspired by an ancient musician, which has been dead for at least a hundred years.


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