Baby Einstein’s baby Newton is simple amazing

Baby Einstein’s baby Newton is simple amazing

What is the baby Newton?

Baby Einstein’s baby Newton, is a simple education program (video) that was made especially for children to help their young brains develop. It is a great way for our children to learn. All these movies educate, you child by using bright colors and shapes, sizes and numbers. There is a series of movies that go along with the baby Einstein baby Newton movies. This program has many different levels of learning, for infants, toddlers, and then you children. The baby Einstein collection helps the learning process. I heard about baby Einstein from a friend, she swore by it, I bought the baby Einstein, baby Newton series, with in the first few times of watching it with my 2 year old she was already recognizing what a triangle is.

Baby Einstein, baby Newton’s shapes

baby Einstein baby Newton

The baby Newton shapes is my 2 year olds favorite one right now, she could watch that all day long, for me it never gets old watching her learn and grow. She is learning so quickly from the movie. My little one often will go through the house and find the different shapes she learned on the baby Einstein, baby Newton shapes movie. It really is a great feeling knowing that she is enjoying the movie and she does not notice she is learning because it is so much fun for her to dance and sing along, and say the shapes as they say them. The points out the shapes they ask. Watching her watch the movies and seeing the excitement in her eyes when she finds a new shape. It is the greatest feeling to see that she loves what she is playing and learning.

Baby Einstein’s, baby Newton and brain development

baby Einstein baby Newton

The baby Newton series really are as great as many of the moms say it is, it is all about teaching, about shapes and numbers, ect…. Showing the children that learning can be fun, is really a great skill to have and they teach kids with out them even knowing they are learning it really is an amazing skill. When my little one see realizes that she learned something she will show everyone what she learned many times it is a great to see her showing off what she knows. For me there is nothing more rewarding then seeing my 2 year old gain so much brain power, and knowledge, enter her mind. It really is true that kids are like sponges, they really do take everything in. I have see an extremely large amount of growth in my 2 year old, she now knows what a circle, rectangle, triangle, square, and ovals, are she knows that a ball is a circle and her toy box is an oval, it just amazes me that watching the baby Einstein, baby Newton movies any where from once to three times a day could really have that big of an impact on my little one. She really has learned a lot from this series.

Why I love baby Einstein, baby Newton!

baby Einstein baby Newton

I personally love the baby Einstein baby Newton, because it teaches the uncommon things that most learning toys, and games don’t normally teach. Being able to learn the shapes, is amazing there is no other learning group, game or toy, that shows and teaches the shape like the baby Einstein baby Newton does. Being able watch these colorful, fun educational (with out being boring) games and movies. I love the baby Newton because even though your children will be learning, it is still a very fun filled movie and game, it never gets boring to children, it stays fun for the parents too.
Just knowing that I can put any of the baby Einstein movies on especially the baby Newton one that I know my daughter will be having fun not just zoned out on the television, I will know that she is having fun and getting involved with what the movie is asking and she is getting the answers right, it is such a delight to see and hear my daughter’s excitement when she answers the questions they ask right. It is so cool to be able to ask my 2 year old what shape the table is and she will say triangle, I ask her all the time what shape her cereal bowl is and she tells me “mom you know it’s a circle did you already forget?” That is the ultimate reward to have bought the baby Einstein, baby Newton collection. I love watching her learn and the light in her eyes when she can see what movie I have put in to watch.

Ultimate outcome

baby Einstein baby Newton

The ultimate outcome to having my 2 year old daughter watch the baby Einstein baby Newton movies makes my whole day. To see her smile and knowing that the smile is from her feeling like she has accomplished something great, which really she had accomplished some thing so great. I love the feeling in the afternoon when she comes and asks me if she can watch the baby Einstein baby Newton movie. Makes my world brighten up just a little bit more, I love watching baby Newton with her as well, I love to see here getting so into the movie and answering the questions. My little girl is getting smarter every day because of the baby Einstein baby Newton series. I love them and she loves them. I cant wait to get more of the baby Einstein collection.


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