Baby Einstein baby Neptune

Baby Einstein baby Neptune

What is the difference between the baby Einstein Neptune and baby Einstein baby Neptune?

So we are clear the baby Einstein baby Neptune is for younger toddlers, like between 12 months and 24 month olds, this is a much easier learning technique then the baby Einstein Neptune, which is for a little bit older of toddlers starting from the age of 24 months, both of the Neptune DVD’s are great for learning for your children one is just a little simpler, they are on different learning levels, which is what makes them both so great. Baby Einstein baby Neptune does not go in to as much detail as the baby Einstein Neptune does, baby Neptune sticks to the basics about the ocean and the creatures with in. it introduces your child to the ocean and some of the main creatures living with in.

My 10 month old and the baby Einstein baby Neptune

Baby Einstein baby Neptune

My 10 month old loves watching the baby Einstein baby Neptune, because has a lot of color and action it keeps her eyes moving back and fourth. My daughter loves the bright colors of the fish, and other creatures the DVD introduces to your child. Everything in the DVD is colorful, and very energetic. The DVD is a great way to keep your child occupied and helps their brains develop in a healthy way. My 10 month old loves the baby Einstein baby Neptune. My daughter love to watch all the colors it really does keep her attention on what is going on in the DVD. I know my daughter was not talking much at that age but I knew that she was gathering all the information, I knew that once she began to talk and really became old enough to understand what was going on in the DVD. I love to see her watching the DVD and watch how fast her eyes were going back in fourth across the screen. I even liked watching the baby Einstein baby Neptune with my daughter.

Why I think about baby Einstein baby Neptune

Baby Einstein baby Neptune

I think baby Einstein baby Neptune is a great DVD because it is fun for children to watch and it is a little captivating to kids to watch, all the colors and music in the DVD’s are great, it makes your children really become active in the movie. I think that the baby Einstein baby Neptune is a great way to spend some quality time with your child, that is still very educational, for them and you never know you may learn something you did not know either (ha; ha). For me and my family it was a joy and privilege to watch the baby Einstein baby Neptune with our daughter, to be able to have that special time with our little girl, it was a great way to spend our time together. It made me feel good knowing that my daughter watching this was going to help her brain development as she grew up bigger. I was happy to know that I found television that would actually help my daughters mind and brain expand in the right direction.

What made the baby Einstein baby Neptune worth it to me?

Baby Einstein baby NeptuneClick Here

The pure thought that what I was letting my 10 month old watch the DVD that she was going to be learning sensible information, not just watching cartoons that have no true meaning of being on. I knew that this information she would be watching was educational not senseless television. Im knew that this was a good DVD program for my daughter to be watching. I knew she would actually be getting something great out of these DVD’s. The decision to buy this collection was an easy decision; I knew she would benefit from watching the DVD, and that it would be fun for her to watch the DVD’s, it’s musical and colorful.
It was well worth spending the one time price for the DVD to have an ongoing learning skill levels, I went and bought the entire collection of DVD’s and I actually have her watch them everyday (well, the DVD’s that are for her age group). I love that she gets excited when watching them. That makes it all worth it, knowing that she is learning and have an amazing amount of fun while watching the baby Einstein baby Neptune DVD. I have benefited from watching the DVD’s as well, in the fact that I have had spent great quality time with my daughter and been able to help her learn as well. I would spend the money on the baby Einstein collection over and over again.


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