Baby Einstein animals, who doesn’t like animals?

Baby Einstein animals, who doesn’t like animals?

Baby Einstein animals we love you

Baby Einstein animals is a great DVD that teaches your children about many different animals, animal like cows, horses, cats, and dogs. These are just a few of the animals your child will enjoy learning about. The DVD will give your child great information about each animal, it shows your child what the animal looks like and where they live and what they eat. My children love watching this DVD they love animals and loved learning what they are and how they live and what they eat. My daughter is turning 4 next month and she tells me all the time that she wants to be a veterinarian, and help all the animals in the world, I think the biggest inspiration for this is the baby Einstein animals DVD.

Why we love baby Einstein animals

Baby Einstein animals

First of all we love baby Einstein animals because the DVD has inspired my daughter like you would not believe the DVD has really made an impact on my almost 4 year old. I feel blessed to have such an inspiration for my daughter especially at her age. My daughter being almost 4 loves to watch the DVD’s, she loves learning about the animals. She seems to learn something new every time she watches the DVD. It’s almost like she has missed something every time she watches it and then the next time she watches it she notices something new, she did not remember from the day before. My four years old loves to play veterinarian, she plays this with our family dog, he don’t mind though he loves her to roll him on his back to look at his tummy like he is hurt there. She has even helped him open his eyes wider to help him see. It really is such a great sight to see, knowing all this inspiration has come from one simple DVD.

The pure happiness she gets from baby Einstein animals

Baby Einstein animals

My almost 4 year old has the biggest imagination, I have ever seen a child her age have. I love to watch my daughter really get into watching the DVD, then directly after she plays veterinarian, she has so much fun being a veterinarian. She not only uses our family dog but she also uses her toys that are animals, she has stuffed toys, and plastic horses, cows, and other animals that she makes feel better. I even had to go out and get her a veterinarian medical kit so she could be a real veterinarian, at home. The DVD has really helped her understand how animals work, what they eat, how they live and where they live.

Looking ahead with baby Einstein animals

Baby Einstein animals

In my personal opinion I think this DVD is great for later on in children like beginning in school age kids. I think that once my child gets into kindergarten she will already know all there is to know about dogs, cats, cows, horses, ect… I think anything that has to do with animals she will exceed in because she loves animals so much, and also because she has enjoyed the baby Einstein animals DVD, more then any other DVD we have bought for her to watch. I can tell that in the future of my daughter she will be a very caring girl when it comes to animals.

How I feel about baby Einstein animals

Baby Einstein animals

I think that the idea of baby Einstein animals was a magnificent idea, I think all children no matter what age should know about the different animals, I think it makes a child (well it did for mine) feel like they are smart when they can tell you about any certain animal. I know it I think it is cool when my daughter comes up to me and asks me if I knew that girl dogs can have puppies. It is really sweet that she has really taken time to think and watch the DVD to learn this. I love that my daughter is so passionate about the animals and really has a passion for the animals, she is learning about. I feel so blessed that my daughter is such a great and quick learner. She loves to be able to showoff her knowledge of the animals she is talking about, she loves to talk to me about how big dogs can get and how not all cats are friendly, just mostly house cats. My daughter truly loves animals and I love that she takes such pride in what she is saying about the animals.
Just having the knowledge she has about the animals she does, is such a great feeling, I love that my daughter can have a good grown up conversation about certain animals, and that she feels like she is an adult when she is talking about the animals she loves, she often uses our family dog for examples. Like she will say my doggy loves to eat, her chicken and gravy food. She is such great host and teacher when it comes to her animals. I loved using the baby Einstein animals DVD series.


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