Baby Einstein activity jumper

Baby Einstein activity jumper

What is the activity jumper?

The baby Einstein activity jumper, it similar to the exersaucer and the walker, it is the same style the only difference between these three is that the activity jumper has springs where the seat part is connected to the stand. The exersaucer just would spin in circles, with activities on it, then the walker has the activities that will help your child with their first steps, it helps build their body strength. The jumper is an activity jumper that has a lot of activities on it as well as the fact that your child, could jump up and down and play at the same time, but what was even better was that the jumper was fun and keeps your child occupied for hours and it will give you time to get your house things done; that is what I loved about it.

Activity jumper is amazing

Baby Einstein activity jumperClick Here

The activity jumper, is great for you and your baby there is many different colorful activities for you child to play with and it gives you time to get your things done and you don’t have to worry about what your baby is doing especially if she is old enough to crawl and get into things, it is an on sight babysitter, I have really benefited from this it has been an extra pair of hands for me when I have been doing house cleaning. It really is a great item to have in your home I loved it when I had it. My daughter loved being in there too she would do everything in there she loved being in there. She would crawl over to it and sometimes try to get in there on here own when she was big enough to make it there. I praised the activity jumper.

Why I loved the activity jumper

Baby Einstein activity jumperClick Here

I love the activity jumper because it was not only a fun activity for my daughter but it was also, a great leg strengthener. I loved watching her jump, and she would yell and laugh the whole time she was in there. She loved it just as much as I did. When I bought this I knew it was a good investment because she immediately loved it. It was almost like it was made just for her she knew exactly what to do. When my daughter first started yelling after being in it, it actually scared me I thought she hurt herself; I thought that she pinched herself in the springs of something.

Baby Einstein activity jumper and the music

Baby Einstein activity jumperClick Here

The activity jumper plays music and that is what would really get my little one jumping in it. She loves to jump and dance. The colors and music mixed together is what makes this activity jumper so amazing, and entertaining to your children. I loved that about it, there was always something great going on with it, my daughter loved it and loved all the crazy things that was on it. it was like her very own play ground, she would stay in there all day if I would let her, but I usually put her in there when I was trying to clean and wanted to be able to get things done with out worrying what she was getting into or if she was getting into things. My angel was so entertained when she was in her activity jumper, she loved being able to be free, she loved being able to stand up. I liked that she could stand up and not have to be on her tummy all the time either. I liked this was giving her another option, instead of being on their belly or back all day.
Having this option was great I loved being able to put her where I wanted to and not have to worry about her getting hurt in it or waling and getting into things that could hurt her. I really loved it, for that main reason.


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