Top 5 Baby Converse Shoes

Top 5 Baby Converse Shoes

I’m not huge on brand names, but I have to admit I’m totally brand-loyal to Converse. I’ve never bought a pair of shoes made by Converse for myself, my kids, or my hubby and had an issue. I still have a pair of Converse sneakers from over 10 years ago, and they definitely do not show the amount that I have worn them. Since my twins have been growing like crazy, it seems like I’m buying shoes on a much more regular basis. I was just shopping for some sneakers for them and I wanted to share my top 5 favorite baby Converse shoes.

5. Classic Baby Converse Shoes

Baby Converse Shoes

These are the cute, classic Converse above-the-ankle cut that we all know and love. I found a great deal on these at If you’re looking for a classic pair of Converse sneakers for your little one, these are the pair to own.

4. Converse Booties for 0-6-Months

A great set of 2-pack booties that will look sharp on your baby’s feet from newborn to around 6-months. They are soft and will wash well. These booties are made from a cotton/poly/spandex blend and will have a little bit of stretch so they always fit snug but never too tightly. The only two styles I have found these in are a basic white and a basic black design, but they still look great on my baby’s feet.

3. Cutest Pink Baby Converse Shoes

Baby Converse Shoes

I couldn’t resist buying a pair of these for my daughter when she was a toddler. These go clear up to youth sizes so if your little one really loves their Converse shoes, when they outgrown them, there’s always a way to give them a new pair that will fit their feet. My twins are still in the Converse booties, but when their feet get bigger, along with some good walking shoes, they will be able to find a pair of classic Converse high-tops in their closet too.

2. Converse Toddler Boot

Baby Converse Shoes

Yes, you read that right. I always thought Converse just made awesome sneakers, until I started looking around. First I found the baby booties, and then later I ran across this cute toddler lace up boot. It comes in a feminine style with peach/pink laces or black on black. Which is decidedly unisex in design. I really liked the look for these for both my son and daughters as also have a warm lining and will be ideal for our long, cold winters here.

1. Converse First Shoes

Baby Converse Shoes

These are my all-time favorite shoes for babies. I got so many compliments when my other children were small and wearing them, I didn’t hesitate to get the same shows for my twins. These are shoes for pre-walkers and they are very cute. The only down side is the sole is made from a white canvas, and they get filthy. But on the flip side, they wash beautifully and are easy to clean.

That’s my rough and ready top 5 list of my favorite Baby Converse Shoes styles. Yes, they aren’t your bargain baby shoes, but if you have several kids like I do, where you can do hand-me-downs and the shoes still look great, it’s a no-brainer to invest in a great pair of shoes that will wear a long time and most of all, are always comfortable for your kids.


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