Top 5 Most Expensive Baby Clothing Stores

Top 5 Most Expensive Baby Clothing Stores

I am going to be utterly honest here, I look for deals, I use discounts and coupons, and I never turn down a 75% off sale. I love to save money on stuff for my family, especially my 3 little ones. When I was writing a post for my favorite online shopping outlets for baby things, I ran across some extremely high end baby clothing stores. So, just for fun let’s look at the most expensive baby clothing you can buy online. Here’s a rough and ready top 5 list. If you know of a high end store to buy baby clothes, leave it in the comments.

5. Prices at Dolce & Gabbana Baby Clothing Stores

Baby Clothing Stores

If you have had a baby, you know how fast they grow out of clothing, especially that first year. I swear every three months I was upgrading sizes for my kids. So when I saw a baby jacket at, I was shocked at the price. To be fair, it’s a completely gorgeous little jacket, but $575 is way out of my league to pay for a jacket for my child.

4. Please Mum Baby Clothing Stores

Baby Clothing Stores

This outlet has absolutely beautiful baby clothing. I found a dress and jacket set my daughter would look beautiful in, but then had an imaginary conversation in my head with my husband explaining the charge on our credit card for $1,188. Now, one thing I did find on their online store that I loved was their Clearance section that had clothing items up to 80% discounted off. When I checked it, I found a fleece-lined waterproof jacket that was marked down to $49. Now that’s something that is within my budget. You can visit their site here :

3. Burberry Baby Clothing

Baby Clothing Stores

Just for fun I went to and put together an outfit for my son. I chose a jacket, t-shirt, twill pants, socks, and sneakers and spent a whopping $1300 in short order. Then I put together outfits for both of my daughters and spent another $2300 total. Enter that imaginary conversation with my husband about why we’re not buying groceries for the last 3 weeks of the month because I bought our kids three full outfits to wear. I’ve always loved Burberry styles. My diaper bag came from Burberry and it’s still in service and looks good as new. Because of the way children grow out of shoes and clothing, I don’t know that I would personally invest in paying that much for an outfit, but if you have the free disposable income, go for it!

2. I Would Never Leave Gucci Off This List

Baby Clothing Stores

Gucci is a well known high-end brand, and if you have never explored their offerings for babies, you’re in for a treat. Surf on over to and you can find a huge selection of cute baby outfits. A polyester-silk purple ruffle dress for $495. There is also a gift set of a white onesie and a bib for $265.

1. Baby CZ

Baby Clothing Stores

Last but certainly not least is, with designs by Carolina Zapf. This is some adorable high end baby clothing. I saw some beautiful cashmere coats in the $300 range and hit up the sale pages and found the prices for baby clothing that area wouldn’t lead to hubby and I having to have “the talk” about spending.

I hope you enjoyed that journey into the most expensive baby clothing stores, I know I did. I used to love window shopping when I had the time to stroll, and there were actually stores with windows to shop in. Now, I get my window shopping fix online, and I have to admit, I still enjoy it.


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