Saving Money at Baby Clothes Stores Online and Offline

Saving Money at Baby Clothes Stores Online and Offline

One thing I’ll say for the Internet, it is the bringer of good deals for baby clothes stores. I have 3 children, and I love dressing my children as nicely as I can. In reality, we are a single income family right now so I’m most definitely on a budget. I’ve actually been joining a lot of mom and parents groups online with a frugal theme, and I’ve learned a lot of ways to cut costs and save money. One of the most helpful was some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along my journey to being more frugal on saving money when I buy online. I’ll share some of my top tips with you.

Research the Baby Clothes Stores Before You Buy

By that I mean check out the store website first. Nearly every retail company on the planet has a Facebook page, website, Twitter, and other social media. Often they have sales for social media friends only, or give out special discount codes on their websites or Facebook page. Recently I got a great deal on some baby bedding I was buying for a friend on a particular baby-related site. Their Facebook page had 65% certain bedding and free shipping. The code was only given on their website and only good for 7 days. You bet I used it. I love it when I can scoop up a great gift and save money.

Join Online Shopping Sites

Many retailers are members of instant rebate sites. Ebates is a great example of a company that you can earn money from for shopping. It costs nothing to join and they are an old company that pays on time. Another opportunity you can use is CouponChief It works a little differently. You sign up, post coupons for stores and when someone uses a coupon you posted, you earn 2% of the sale.

Group Buying for Baby Clothes Stores

I avoided joining Groupon for a long time. I really have no idea why. I had this idea it would be really time consuming to use their coupons. Turns out I was totally wrong on that one. Basically, if you’ve never used it before, here is how it and other group buying sites work. A merchant puts up a deal. Then they decide how many sales it will take for everyone to get a great deal. Then once they sell enough, they call that reaching the tipping point, the deal is on. Then you just make your purchase and print out your voucher to go use online or directly at the merchant locally. That’s seriously all it takes and you can pick up some killer savings using group buying.

Join Online Forums and Groups

I didn’t join any online groups for a long time. I’m a real face-to-face kind of person and I thought discussing things in a forum or group mail sounded boring as watching grass grow. I will tell you flat out, I was wrong. I joined a moms on bedrest group when I was going out of my mind on bedrest with my second pregnancy and from there it lead to meeting some truly fabulous people. Search for frugal living forums, DIY forums are good too for finding ways to cut those costs on baby and everyday items for the family. If you still want to find some like-minded people, is a great place to find groups to join and meet up in person. We found a weekly forest walk in our local park, and every Friday afternoon when the weather is nice, there is a picnic, nature walk and play time. My kids wake me up early on Fridays asking if it’s time to go yet.

Those are a few ideas for getting deals at baby clothes stores and finding deals online. I personally like the challenge of saving money. If you don’t do anything, join eBates, you will love the savings and rebates you get, especially if you have a multi-child household.


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