My Top 5 Favorite Places to Buy Baby Clothes Online

My Top 5 Favorite Places to Buy Baby Clothes Online

Since I was talking about buying baby clothes online in another post, I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite places to go shopping online. When I was pregnant with my second baby, I was on bed rest from the 5th month onward until the day I delivered. I was no longer working but the joys of lounging in bed and doing very little around the house lost its shine after a very short time. My oldest was just over 2 years old and was so good for me during this time. My husband bought me a laptop at this time because I needed to have my feet up as much as possible instead of sitting in a chair, and it made a world of difference. I wound up buying a lot of my nursery items and baby clothes online. I narrowed my Internet travels down to roughly 5 sites I visited on a regular basis, and still rely on for my baby things and also gifting ideas. I’d like to share them with you.

5. Store for Baby Clothes Online

Baby Clothes Online

Everyone on the planet knows about ToysRUs for toys and most local stores have sections for baby clothing. However if you want to have a ton of choices, go to You will find a huge selection of baby clothing items here, and if you love trendy or classic baby styles, it’s here.

4. Baby Clothes Online Galore Here

Baby Clothes Online

Zulily  is a great place to find deals on baby clothing. You will have to sign up before you can access the deals, but I can happily say they have never spammed up my inbox. I have saved nearly 75% on some my baby clothing. It came in really handy this winter when all 3 of my little ones needed new coats. I wish I was one of those parents that could reuse clothing items from older to younger, but my older kids play hard! By the time they wear out a lot of their clothes, the knees are blown out from hard play, and the coats and jackets look definitely worn.

3. Handmade Heirloom Baby Clothes and Items

Baby Clothes Online

Something I wanted to have for each of my children was an heirloom quilt to pass down to each of my kids when they got older. My family isn’t close and there aren’t any real traditions, so I wanted to start one with my own family. There are some absolutely beautiful handmade clothing for babies and other items on Etsy I bought a one of a kind special quilt for each of my babies and used it gently and then packed it away.

2. Affordable with Quality

Baby Clothes Online

Carters has a tagline, “If they’d only stay little til their Carters wear out.” It’s true. Carters makes all types of baby clothing but I love their sleepwear for my kids. It’s affordable, comfortable, and honestly if they made the footie sleepers for adults, I’d probably wear a pair myself in the Winter! This is where the majority of sleepwear for my kids comes from.

1. One Stop for All

Baby Clothes Online

When I need anything baby-related, my first stop is Amazon Not only do you have the chance to buy directly from Amazon, there are also numerous sellers that sell unique baby items that you can buy from. I highly recommend reading buyer feedback before you buy from an Amazon Marketplace Seller. I had one bad experience, and honestly if I would have read the feedback, I would have seen this seller had a history of shipping items without any packing material so things arrived damaged in transit. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed great selections, good prices, and very often I’ve gotten free shipping.

That’s my top places to buy baby clothes online, and with 3 kids under the age of 5 to buy for, it makes a world of difference when I can find good prices and good quality. If you have a favorite outlet, leave it in the comments, I’d love to know!


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