I’m Getting Hassled For Using a Baby Closet Organizer

I’m Getting Hassled For Using a Baby Closet Organizer

I will be the first one to admit, I’m a clean freak. I am also a crazy woman about being organized. I tried using an app on my iPad for organizing my day, but I wound up going back to my daily planner. I knew when my beautiful son was born, I was going to get some teasing from my family for how I set up his nursery. I labeled his drawers, I set up the changing area in the most efficient way, and then I started eyeing his closet space in the nursery. I like to make any space in my home work for us, and I look at unused space as unused productivity. My husband (God love him) has learned to live with my need to organize, and when I told him I wanted to install a baby closet organizer, he just did his usual smile and “Have fun with that!” My mother and sister however thought it was silly and said so in no uncertain terms.

Baby Closet Organizer Types

Baby Closet Organizer

Ignoring what my mom and sister said, I went shopping for a closet organizer that would not only fit the needs of my baby now, but something that I could utilize as he grows from a baby to a young boy. I found some simple 4-shelf units that just slid into the closet, but they honestly looked like something that would just wind up stacked up and junky looking. I wanted something with compartments to keep closet clutter to a minimum and keep items organized. Lastly, the organizer needed to have space to grow with us as a family. I found a closet organizer that fit the bill. It had wire racks to hang clothes, it was expandable, and had room to grow.

Helpers to Get Even More Organized

Baby Closet Organizer

Once I found the basic baby closet organizer I wanted, I started looking for what I call “helpers” to make the job of being organized even easier. This closet organizer has wire racks for hanging clothing on each side of a large 5 shelf middle area. This middle area would be perfect. For now, it will keep diapers, extra wipes, extra baby gear, my son’s clothing, blankets and other items.

Baby Closet Organizer Pros and Cons

Baby Closet Organizer

When I installed the closet organizer in my son’s room, my Mom happened to drop by when I was finishing up. She had nothing really positive to say and outright said, she thought it was a huge waste of money. I absolutely disagree. I find when I know exactly where every item is, I can see at a glance what clothes my son can wear and what items he’s outgrown so I can make a bag to donate at church, it keeps things flowing. I don’t have to schedule a whole day to clean out his clothes, shoes, items that he’s outgrown, and I never have to wonder where anything is. My mother feels it’s a huge waste of money and space, and she reminded me that I was perfectly happy with 3 upturned milk crates to hold my clothes as a kid. Can’t argue with that logic. So I dropped it, but I’m keeping my organizer.

Use When Your Baby is Older

Baby Closet Organizer

I fully see getting years of use out of this organizer. As he grows, it will continue to hold his clothes, but the diapers and wipes will be replaced with shoes, toys, and other items. I will also put a latch on the door as I learned the hard way with my cousin’s 2-year old, one single solitary minute we weren’t watching her and that little girl was unloading my closet. Lesson learned and remembered.

Yes, I may have been happy with having my clothes in a milk crate as a kid, but I want to instill a habit of being organized in my child. I think growing up with a place for everything makes it easy to teach your children to pick up too, instead of just stacking up toys or shoving them under the bed out of sight. My mother and sister may not understand it, but I think I’m doing the right thing by using a baby closet organizer.


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