Let’s Talk Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Let’s Talk Baby Boy Shower Ideas

My best friend is having a boy, and I have 4 daughters. I have attended a lot of showers for baby boys, but now it’s my turn to throw a baby shower for my BFF. This is her first baby after many years of disappointing pregnancy tests, IVF treatments, and a lot of praying. Finally, her baby is on his way and her pregnancy has been ideal, in fact I have to admit I’m a little jealous on the easy pregnancy part. My last two were especially rough with morning sickness that should have been a thing of past by the end of my first trimester, choosing to stick around up until I delivered. I want to make her shower a wonderful event and I have been looking at baby boy shower ideas on Pinterest, because I’m the type of person that looks at the pictures instead of reading directions.

Construction Themed Shower

Baby Boy Shower Ideas

I know it sounds sort of lame from the subject but I found this really cute theme, that incorporate a “Bob the Builder” type of motif into the shower. And it turned grubby construction into super cute baby boy shower material. The snack table was a blast, with cheese curls being named “Drill Bits”, cone shaped hot appetizers named “road cones”, and stuffed spinach and cheese bites were named “boulders.” I don’t know for sure this is the current shower theme I’m going with, but I thought it was so cute.

Baby Boy Shower Ideas for Teddy Bear Fans

Baby Boy Shower Ideas

My BFF has a huge antique teddy bear collection, so I thought maybe a teddy bear themed baby shower might be the way to go. In fact, it’s at the top of my short list of shower ideas now. With a teddy bear-shaped cake and favors that follow the theme. I thought it would be a really sweet theme to use. Another teddy bear baby shower theme that I saw on Pinterest included a teddy bear diaper cake. It was a 4-tiered diaper cake with a very nice keepsake teddy bear on the top. I thought about getting the diaper cake, I am pretty sure even with my meager crafting skills I can manage a very nice diaper cake. Then, on the top, include an heirloom teddy bear as a special gift for the mommy-to-be since she collects bears. She has a story for every bear in her current collection, I thought a bear that symbolized when her beautiful boy was celebrated, would be a terrific memory to make together.

Blue, Blue, Blue Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Baby Boy Shower Ideas

I think when you’re throwing a shower for someone, you should take the mommy-to-be’s personal thoughts into account. Like for example, my BFF that I am planning this shower for a vegan and she doesn’t think blue applies only to boys and pink only to girls. Almost every boy shower theme, shower invitation, and graphic is pretty heavy on the blue. So I am planning a menu that everyone will enjoy and still be vegan, and I am considering going more with greens and browns to avoid the blue overkill.

The Perfect Baby Shower Theme for Me

Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Then I hit on the perfect baby shower theme. My BFF loves nature, in fact she and her husband were still avid hikers, until her doctor told her to chill out on that til after her beautiful son arrives. I think I’m going to go with the teddy bear idea, but no blue. I think I’ll use the light brown fur of the teddy bear and the green and light brown ribbon on his neck as my inspiration for the colors. For favors I think I’m going to choose teddy bear themed favors, and use teddy bears on the shower invitations.

I can’t wait to get this shower underway. I have never been so excited about planning an event before. I love putting together birthday parties for my kids and holiday gatherings, but this is my first baby boy shower ideas I’ve ever thrown myself. It’s been really fun so far, and now I need to go figure out some great places to get invitations printed. If you know someplace good online, leave it in the comments.


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