Finding Free Printable Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Finding Free Printable Baby Boy Shower Invitations

I was helping a friend put together a baby shower. We started looking for baby boy shower invitations. My goodness, there are a lot of places to get free printables, but so many of them have annoying pop-up advertising, spyware, or they just want to collect your information to put you on an email list. Even with all that we did manage to find some really good places and I want to share them with you. The following are some of my favorite places to get free baby shower invitations that you can print for free and they won’t put spyware on your computer or sell your email address.

Free Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Depending on how much customization you want, there are options that will allow you to upload your own photos. I’ve seen some mommies-to-be use photos of their baby’s sonogram and also photos of the proud parents. As co-ed baby showers are becoming more and more common, seeing Mom and Dad on the baby shower invitation isn’t that unusual anymore. One great place I like to make baby shower invitations is where there are numerous templates as well. I am honestly not the most technically gifted person on the planet so I really appreciated their easy-to-use system.

Need More Places to Get Your Shower Invitations?

Printable Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Click Here to Download the Template (PDF FILE)

Another is where you can design custom baby shower invitations. I’ve personally used this service for other types of printing, it’ a part of the Shutterfly family. I found it was easy to use and let me stress, I’m not a super technically gifted person. The set up is easy and you can upload your own photos or utilize any of their stock photos. You can choose the color schemes you want and they will not only print them, but mail your baby shower invitations for you too.

Getting Ideas to Make Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Almost any online service you use for creating your shower invitations will have a good selection of graphics, templates, and layouts to give you many different ideas for the design you want for your shower invites. Another great place to go get your brain filled to the brim with great ideas is Pinterest and also hit up the ladies at CafeMom forums. I have met some really great ladies there that always have some creative input.

Remember You’re Not Stuck With Blue

Printable Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Click Here to Download the Template (PDF FILE)

Don’t ask me why, I just immediately gravitated towards the blue templates for the baby shower invitations. Check out the cute beige and green teddy bear themed invitations or go for something bright and fun. It just gets down to this : it doesn’t have to be blue cars or blue trains or a blue football to tell the world you’re having a shower for a boy. Have fun with it. There are so many other designs you can use to make your baby shower truly unique.

I’m having fun planning this shower. We just got done creating our baby boy shower invitations and we finally wound up going with an overall teddy bear theme. The mommy-to-be collects antique teddy bears and her nursery has some gorgeous teddy bear artworks and stuffed bears all waiting to meet her coming son. She decided the option to have the printables company was also worth the little bit extra they charge to mail the invitations. She also chose to upload a photo of both herself and her husband since we’re throwing a co-ed shower. Something I’ve never done before, I’m actually looking forward to a couples shower. We didn’t see the option at, but I know that some baby shower printing services will let you set up a registry too to take care of keeping count for who is coming to the shower.


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