Baby Bike Carrier vs Kid Seat

Baby Bike Carrier vs Kid Seat

We love to go biking as a family, there are some gorgeous trails specifically for bikers in our local park. Our two older children are 7 and 5-years old, and love what they call, “park riding.” We took a break from our outings because the last 3 months of my pregnancy with our youngest child were particularly rough. Now that our baby nearly a year old, we’ve been discussing starting “park riding” again as a family, but we’re at a loss as to which type of baby bike carrier to use. Up until I started researching the topic, I had only seen bike mounted baby carriers.

Two Firm Teams for Baby Bike Carrier Styles

Baby Bike Carrier

I am a member of a few online parenting groups and I asked the forum what they thought about bike carriers for babies. I immediately found there was two very strong opposing opinions about baby bike carriers. One side of the issue was very pro-bike carrier mounted on the bike. The other side of the issue was parents that use bike trailers. This trailer-type of baby carrier works by pulling the baby in an enclosed trailer behind the bike. Both sides were able to offer me a lot of pros and cons for both types of baby carriers.

Baby Bike Carrier Pros and Cons

Baby Bike Carrier

The baby bike carrier eat has advantages such as you mount the seat securely on your bike, and you’re done. You only have strap your baby in, make sure the helmet is on correctly and go. If you need to get through a narrow area on a bike ride you will have an advantage over a bike trailer as baby bike barriers are not much wider than the bike on either side. One of the best advantages is you are right next to your child as you’re riding. The cons were mostly in the change in maneuverability. The extra weight of your baby on the back can at first make your bike seem unbalanced. If your baby gets squirmy, you may notice your steering drifting towards one direction. The parents that had been using bike baby carriers all told me you learn to handle your bike almost immediately to correct this issue.

Baby Bike Trailer Pros and Cons

Baby Bike Carrier

There was a huge amount of support for baby bike trailers. They don’t attach on the body of the bicycle but are pulled behind it. I had some real concerns about pulling by the baby in a trailer behind the bike. Even though we are experienced bike riders, not everyone that uses the trails is. I envisioned scenarios like another cyclist hitting my baby’s trailer, and someone pointed out that my baby would have the same issue if someone hit my bike and he was strapped into a baby bike carrier. Okay, point taken. Some of the pros were that your baby is fully enclosed, also strapped in and wearing a bike helmet. I have to admit this sounds safe.

Our Final Decision

Baby Bike Carrier

We decided to go with both options. Both my husband and I are very experienced cyclists. After looking thoroughly at the options for both a baby bike carrier and a baby bike trailer, we decided both would be a good fit. On days when we’re doing short jaunts around the park, we’ll use the baby seat secured on the bike, and when we want to do a longer haul, it will make sense to pack the things we need to keep our baby happy and comfortable in the trailer.

I really thought buying a baby bike carrier would just be a matter of doing a little research. I had no idea there were alternate choices available to a baby seat for a bike. Happily, we have now used our new baby carrier on the bike, and we’re trying out the trailer this weekend. Have you used a baby carrier on a bicycle or do you prefer a trailer?


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