Top 5 Organic Baby Bedding Sets Countdown

Top 5 Organic Baby Bedding Sets Countdown

I think we’ve all seen enough organic baby bedding sets in pink, blue, yellow to last us a lifetime. When I bought my first baby bedding set made out of all organic cotton, the most unique I design I could find locally or online was a pink set with little yellow ducks on it. Completely not my style and not what I wanted for my daughter, but at the time, 7 years ago, I couldn’t be that choosy. In the present, you have a ton of choices in organic baby bedding, and I wanted to make a fun countdown for you of some of the different organic bedding choices out there.

Why Choose Organic Baby Bedding Sets?

Organic Baby Bedding Crib Sets

We all know chemicals and toxins are bad for humans, especially baby humans. Why expose your child to anything toxic when you have a choice? That’s why so many parents now opt for organic fabrics and even organic mattresses. Another thing to look for if you’re interested in organically grown materials for your baby bedding items is to also choose sustainable or Free Trade grown materials. In the present, nearly every major retailer now has an organic line, and you can find a huge number of selections both online and at your local stores.

Unisex Organic Baby Bedding Sets

Organic Baby Bedding Crib Sets

In our number 5 spot is the Safari Baby at Pottery Barn Kids. This is one of the cutest sets I’ve run across. The bedding set is done in soft greens, browns, and beige tones, and it’s definitely not boring. It has numerous African safari-type animals all over the set. I know I didn’t want just pink for my daughter or just blue for my son. I wanted something really different. Granted, my daughter did wind up with a pink nursery because my mother-in-law decorated the room for me when we went away for a long weekend before my daughter was born and my MIL was housesitting for us. I never had the heart to tell her that saddling a girl with pink goes against everything I believe in and I just accessorized with non-pink items. I still appreciate she took the time to do that.

Goth, Punk Rock Crib Bedding Sets

Organic Baby Bedding Crib Sets

Next up in number 4 is anything from Jaminga will fit the bill here. Do you love the idea of Day of the Dead crib bedding, punk rock baby bedding, or even rockabilly? This line has glitter skulls, leopard print, and even guitars. While this style is definitely not for me, my oh-so-goth friend bought an entire leopard baby crib set for her daughter.

Most Transportation on a Baby Bedding Set

Organic Baby Bedding Crib Sets

My son is crazy for trains, planes and automobiles. I don’t know if it is from his early crib bedding, but this one tops anything I ever found. At number 3 is the Little Traveler crib bedding set by Lambs and Ivy. I loved this set when I found it. It’s made from organic cotton and has a really bright and whimsical design. It features planes, cars, trucks and boats. It’s definitely one of the most fun designs I’ve run across.

Most Zen Baby Bedding Set

Organic Baby Bedding Crib Sets

Number 2 brings us a world of tranquility. This is the most relaxing, comfortable zen-like baby bedding set using organic materials I’ve found. The Laugh, Giggle, and Smile line has a crib bedding design called “Zen Garden” and it’s lightly colored with ferns and dragonflies embroidered over the quilted comforter.

And Number 1 is…

The Kids Line Willow Organic 4-Piece Crib Set is one that I absolutely love. This is a soft design with a mama deer and a baby deer. It’s done in nearly the same colors as my number 5 choice above in the unisex design. And like the Safari Baby, this crib bedding set will go easily with a boy or a girl. This has been my go-to gift for friends that are having babies.

I hope this top 5 list has been as fun for you to read as it was for me to put together. If you have a favorite organic baby bedding set, I’d love to know about it. Just leave it in the comments.


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