What Makes Baby Bedding Organic Anyway?

What Makes Baby Bedding Organic Anyway?

I’ve been learning what makes baby bedding organic. I have three children. My oldest two are from my first marriage and are both in their early teens. I remarried, and we decided to have a baby. I’m one of the older Moms at the playground, but I’ve made some great friends and I have really been able to enjoy our baby. In chatting with other moms in our playgroup, I realize now I didn’t pay attention to a lot of ways I could have been a better parent to my older two. I’ve learned so much from other mothers that have already started a journey in using all organic products for their kids. I thought making baby food would be overwhelmed, actually it’s not hard at all. I also never got a lot of thought to the bedding my children were sleeping in. Turns out a lot of chemicals and dyes are allowed that have links to cancer and other illnesses. I made it a mission to not only make sure my older children had the healthiest choices, but our baby started off with the best too.

Baby Bedding Organic Fabrics

Baby Bedding Organic

There are a good number of fabric choices out there. Of course, the number one fabric you’re going to run into is organic cotton. This is cotton that is not genetically-modified and is grown without the use of pesticides. Another plus is that organic baby bedding will be treated with non-toxic dyes and no harsh chemicals. Bamboo is another frequent flier in the organic fabrics realm. When I first heard about bamboo fabric, I had this image in my head it would be stiff and uncomfortable. It is actually as soft as cotton, and bamboo grows on the average of 4-inches per day, so it’s a highly sustainable crop.

Baby Bedding Organic Brands

Baby Bedding Organic

I live in a small city where there is not a great selection for anything. I had to turn online sources to get my daughter’s nursery put together using organic bedding. Some of the brands that I rely on for quality are SwaddleDesigns and their organic baby blankets. My dream baby blanket would be one of the Lola and James creations. They source vintage items, such as an up-cycled cashmere blanket. Okay, it’s not truly an organic item, but it’s certainly eco-friendly which is my other goal. Baby Natura and Tadpoles are also cost-friendly sources for organic baby bedding. I have also found some lovely handmade items on Etsy that used organic materials.

Where to Find Organic Baby Bedding

Baby Bedding Organic

When my first two kids were little, I had never even heard the word “organic” used in conjunction with fabrics for babies. Now, you have a lot of choices I am happy to say. Even Toys R Us has a good selection of organic crib sheets, comforters and other bedding items for your baby. If you want to shop online, Amazon.com is a great place to shop. You get access to a huge number of vendors, and if you’re shopping for something a little off the beaten path, like a leopard print organic crib bedding set, you can find it there.

If You’re Keeping it Organic, What to Avoid

Baby Bedding Organic

Be careful with vintage items, older fabrics could be made with harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. If the baby bedding is organic, it will usually be noted on the packaging. If you don’t see any mention, you can’t be 100% sure what’s in the fabric. Since the skin so readily absorbs, it’s a good idea to know everything you’re putting next to your baby’s (and your won) body.

I’m just starting, and I certainly have a long way to go in learning about baby bedding organic brands and ways to incorporate healthy choices in all areas of my family’s life. I went all the way in planning my baby’s nursery. I bought a crib made from renewable wood sources and non-toxic paint. I then used a Naturepedic organic cotton crib mattress. It was a no-brainer to continue the trend with the bedding for not only our baby, but the entire family. I’m looking forward to learning more about making good choices.


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