She Wrote “Baby Are Us”

She Wrote “Baby Are Us”


I love my mother-in-law, but sometimes she doesn’t hear too well, and compound that with she turns off her hearing aids frequently, and we’ve had more than a couple of incidents of going to the wrong restaurant or street address because Mom just flat out heard it incorrectly. My sister-in-law announced she was having a baby. This is especially joyous because she and her husband have been trying for years, and have had some disappointments. Now she is just a couple of months away from the arrival of her baby girl, and I asked Mom where my sis was registered and she wrote it down and gave me “Baby Are Us.” That wasn’t any store I could think of locally or online off the top of my head and I thought I was a champion shopper for baby items. Then I snapped, she meant “Babies R Us.” I thanked her, giggled to myself, and got busy planning a shower.

Setting Up a Registry at “Baby Are Us”

Baby Are Us

Yeah, I know I am running with that phrase now for the name of Babies-R-Us. I think it’s kind of cute. Anyway, it’s easy and convenient to set up a baby registry there and it’s free. This isn’t a constant perk, but quite often when you set up a registry there you will be able to qualify for a special gift card. When items are purchased from the registry, a percentage of the sale is matched up to $200 on a gift card. The gift card will be sent to the mommy-to-be either right before or right after her baby is born. It’s a great extra gift to get!

Items for a Registry

Baby Are Us

I’ve seen some moms nearly come to blows in forums chatting about baby registry etiquette. My personal opinion that belongs to me is whatever the new mother wants and needs should be on the registry list. I really don’t see anything wrong with listing a crib as part of your registry if you really need one. I have seen some very strong opinions about listing anything other than baby clothes and small items. I helped my sis-in-law set up hers and we had everything from cribs to pacifiers on it. Of course we’ve made it clear, no gifts are necessary, this shower is truly about celebrating the coming of a beautiful and much-wanted daughter.

The Shower Wasn’t a Surprise but “Baby Are Us” Was

I told my sister-in-law about the misnomer from Mom, and she thought it was pretty cute too. We decided to put it on the baby shower invitations, and the funniest thing of all is no one said anything. We didn’t either. We just said the baby registry was located at “Baby Are Us” and went from there. I don’t know if our friends and family didn’t notice, or were being overly polite (which would be pretty amazing for our family).

I’m Being Handy for my Gift

Baby Are Us

I’m buying some baby bedding on the registry to help towards her $200 gift card from the registry, but I am also making a quilt. I have been taking some online crafting classes over at Craftsy, you can take the classes when it’s convenient for you. I have always wanted to learn the tips and tricks for quilting on a sewing machine, and now I’m doing it. I’m making my sis-in-law a quilt that hopefully she will adore. So far, so good.

Looks like our “Baby Are Us” registry is doing well and our baby shower will go off without a hitch. My sis-in-law has stressed that no one feel obligated buy a gift, but it looks like a lot of people are. She actually needs very few items to make her nursery complete. Now I need to put together a menu for her shower, and get back to work on this quilt!


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