The Orange Alma Mini Crib Dilemma

The Orange Alma Mini Crib Dilemma

Ever since the day my husband and I started talking about wanting to have a baby, I started dreaming of what I would design the nursery to look like. I knew that I always wanted bright colors and fun designs. The idea of jungle animals or brightly colored parrots had always been something that I thought a baby’s rooms should be filled with. After all, I know that I love all things brightly colored in this world, and I tend to be a kid at heart each time I see wild animals and beautiful flowers, so how could it hurt to design a nursery this way?

My husband didn’t agree with me. He’s more traditional in nature, and if he had his way he would use muted tones or neutral colors throughout the space. There had to be some sort of compromise that we could come up with. Or, I thought that we should be able to come up with a great blend for the nursery. That is until I saw that the Alma mini crib came in ORANGE!

The Space Needed for an Alma Mini Crib

Alma Mini Crib

We live in a smaller apartment in the middle of the city, so there is never much room to think about decorating with big pieces of furniture. The idea of the Alma mini crib was just perfect for us due to our spacing limitations. I had first searched for it and looked at the cappuccino thinking that it would be exactly what we needed. Upon clicking through, I stumbled upon the color choices and boom…. ORANGE!

Because the room that will be the nursery is smaller, I wanted to make sure that I had a few pops of color to make it look larger. I knew that the Alma mini crib in orange would be able to do the trick. However, I didn’t want my husband to find me filling the entire space in the bright color theme that we debated over so much. In the nursery, there is the perfect little nook that is just right for placing the mini crib. I had the idea of using color in that one area with only a few smaller accents in the room. Not too much, not too bright. Just right.

Owls It Is!

Alma Mini Crib

I knew that I wanted wild animals. I also knew that my husband loves subtle tones. So, I compromised. I went and painted all of the walls with cappuccino, just as I had originally pictured as a crib color. However, for the nook, I went with sky blue. The brilliant orange color of the Alma mini crib against the sky blue is just magic. It really draws your eye over to the cute little nook, and I couldn’t be happier. I was able to bring in owl decals that match all of the colors perfectly. I can honestly say that this is one room that I am truly proud of decorating.

What About Functionality of the Alma Mini Crib?

Alma Mini Crib

We just love the Alma mini crib. While I had originally worried about it being too small, I can tell you that this is a whole lot of crib in such a small package. It easily stores if need be and it is completely sturdy and safe for our little one. There have even been times where I have wheeled it out into the living room, and I was able to get it through the doorways without any problems at all. Although we haven’t used it, I guess the Alma mini crib can also be used as a co-sleeper for those parents who are looking to use that sleep method.


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