I Want An Alma Crib!

I Want An Alma Crib!

Since becoming pregnant, I have been going absolutely crazy with all of the researching and investigating of various baby goods. I want to make sure that I have everything that this little guy or girl needs, and I don’t want to cut any corners. I suppose it helps that I have been pretty much a professional shopper for most of my adult life as I can take everything that I have learned about shopping throughout the years and apply it to my baby shopping needs. Through my travels online and in local baby outlets, I have found one piece of furniture that seems to be a must have. The Alma crib!

It isn’t like we are limited on space. My husband and I have a great sized single family home, so there isn’t necessarily a need for a mini crib due to space limitations. Just from the very moment that I saw the design of the Alma crib I simply fell in love. It is simplistic and sturdy, and the color choices are wonderfully chic and trendy. Not that chic really matters, but it is a plus when you also have lots of reviews where other parents are just raving about how great the crib is. I couldn’t help but look a little bit further into this overall design to see if it would fit in with both our budget as well as our needs.

Alma Crib Features

Alma Crib

It goes without saying that I absolutely love the style of this crib as I mentioned it previously. Along with that, this is a mini-crib, so it is really versatile and can be used in a wider variety of living situations. Through parent reviews, you can find out that a lot of them seem to love the construction of the crib and that it is plenty sturdy.

Two Mattress Heights

Alma Crib

Even if you are buying this crib for a newborn, you have the ability to get plenty of use out of it well into the future because this crib can actually change the height as your baby grows. Simply changing up the mattress position will give you a bit more room as your child becomes a toddler and there is worry that he or she will be able to escape over the top rail. Depending on your needs, you can keep this crib and use it up until your little one is around 4 years of age.

Secure, Locking Casters

Alma Crib

I found that because of the need to potentially move a crib around from room to room that it is a whole lot easier on the nerves when you have locking casters. You can simply bring the Alma crib from one room to the next with ease, fitting through doorways and narrow hallways and then just lock the crib into position when you get to your desired location.

Air Circulation

Alma Crib

I have no idea why anyone would purchase a crib that has closed sides, however there are some who prefer it. The Alma crib design features open slats on each of the four sides so you have the optimal amount of air flow to keep the circulation just right for your sleeping prince or princess. Additionally, these slats are of course spaced according to meet all current safety guidelines.

Alma Crib is a Great Choice For Most Families

Alma Crib

I would say that I am glad that I took the time to find out all that the Alma crib has to offer. This is the perfect piece of nursery furniture for any parents who want to have additional space, the ease of movement from one spot to another or even a great crib that can be used to aid in co-sleeping. I would definitely give the Alma crib two thumbs up.



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