An Airplane Mobile for a child’s room makes me think of persistent contrails

An Airplane Mobile for a child’s room makes me think of persistent contrails

I am having a baby soon and I want to make beautiful interesting items for the entertainment of my baby

Airplane Mobile

I do not know if my growing baby is a male or female. I am not super obsessed with gender focused toys, colors, or clothing. I have always tried to make sure my daughters played and dressed like boys at times, and that my sons wore some purple clothing and played typified female gender games. We are humans first and then we are our gender, which is mostly socially constructed anyway. Even with that being said there are still very strong instilled gender biased concepts in my mind and culture. For instance I would not prefer to make an Airplane Mobile for a baby daughter, this is silly I know! Why do girls get to enjoy beautiful colors and beautiful things, while males get earth tones and primary colors? This is absurd and it must really modify how boys and girls develop. I would not make an Airplane mobile for any gender as I have not had positive thoughts about airplanes for about a year now.

Oregon was sprayed relentlessly the summer of 2013

Airplane Mobile

I have a ton of documentation of last summer’s spraying of persistent contrails or solar radiation management which is another term for the action. I have written letters to my representatives, and made phone calls. I even started a petition. This is such a controversial topic for some people, yet it is obvious to many who are in tune with the weather and the skies. I was trained as a Wild land Firefighter and the training includes intensive weather education. We also would watch the weather daily to predict when we may have lightning strike fires occur. I also grew up in Central Oregon where the skies are crystal clear blue almost every single day! People who live in these types of environments know what happens in their view of the skies.

I just found a picture of an Airplane Mobile that I would like to make!

Airplane Mobile

Recently two of my children and I made about eight paper airplanes. It was fun! We colored on some of the paper with colored pencils before folding them up. The children were quite interested in why some paper airplanes flew well and some did nose dives. We experimented with different folding techniques. One technique that was interesting was folding one wing up a little bit. When we flew the paper airplane it would spin while in flight. We are in a foreign country so paper is less abundant than at home in the United States. We therefore were utilizing papers that I had received from school so they had print on one side. I like the idea that we were utilizing something that would normally just be thrown away. There are some recycling opportunities in the country where we currently are residing yet I am not sure about recyclying a few pieces of paper. Anyway I saw this paper airplane mobile and the negative thoughts I had about planes in regards to a mobile have changed. I would make a paper airplane mobile and it would be so fun and easy to make! My children could help me make it. This is the best part of the project is that it will be a family project.
I love the paper books that are used for scrapbooking!

I will use some of this paper to make an Airplane Mobile!

Airplane Mobile

I have two of these books packed up in my boxes in the United States. It will be fun to make a paper Airplane Mobile with these papers when I get back. The colors are mostly blacks and browns with white. I could buy a few pieces of bright paper to add some zest to the project. I like the mobiles that hang down straight from the string with several objects on each string. I think this would make for an easier project. I do not think it would be that easy to figure out how to make a spinning type Airplane mobile. That kind of undertaking for me would have to be from a kit or some specific instructions. I think when we make one mobile then if it turns out well we will make a few for gifts. This will be a very inexpensive gift to give. If fact the gift would not just have to be for babies, many people might enjoy receiving a mobile. This is dependent on the colors of paper that we use. A few paper airplanes made of newspaper would look nice contrasted with some bright paper airplanes! The trick will be to figure out how to hang the airplanes so they have movement and hold up against some wear and tear for normal use.
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