Who we are

The blog is called “I’m super mommy”, because it is dedicated to all the women out there who dedicate their days and nights to their children, as well as to their careers, without neglecting any of the two components in their lives. As such the blog contains information and products to help women to ease into their new role as a mother.
It is also a description that suits us, the founders of this blog, because we are new mothers just like our target audience.

So who are we, you ask?

We are two full time mothers – Christine and Linda, in our late 20s, early 30s, who have a background in full time VP Marketing Executive, as well as a background in design.

What is I’m Super Mommy?

The site is there to help expectant and new mothers with all questions that they may have regarding their new role. It also shares our experiences as young mothers with others who may profit from what we have to impart.
The site is split in different categories – Baby Shower, Baby Cribs, Crib Mobiles, Baby Carriers, Baby Crib Bedding, Diaper Bags, and Baby Bedding. In addition we have a Blog that deals with all the questions, dilemmas and doubts to be discussed and solved. Finally we have a shop where we offer products from local designers which are suitable for babies, toddlers, and mommies.

We have expanded beyond just a blog and website to include a Twitter, Pinterest, and Google + presence.

Why you should advertise on I’m Super Mommy?

Christine brings with her a vast experience as a High-Tech Marketing Executive.
As such she knows how to do business. If you get on board with her, you will also be able to share in the success of I’m Super Mommy and better your own revenues.
With our target audience you get an ideal access at:

  • Mothers of infants and toddlers
  • Pregnant women

But there is more we can offer you. Our site has been geared to audiences in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK – in other words, English speaking countries.
But we also have also additional clients in Western Europe, and South America.

Our audience trusts our expertise on motherhood and small children, and as such they do read what we write about, they do check out products that we endorse and they do check out our banners when they need something for themselves and their children. We deliver valuable content to consumers and your advertisement could be part of that valuable content, too.
Last but by far not least, we have good page impressions and we are happy to share with you our latest stats to help you with your decision making.

Blog Stats

We have an average 3,100 visitors per day on our site
(attached graph from Google Analytics).


We have a total of 100,631 unique visitors on the blog.
They stay on the blog an average time of one minute and more (attached graph from Google Analytics)


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