When we named the blog “I’m super mommy” we were not just thinking about all the women out there who are just that, super mommies as they dedicate their days and nights to their children, as well as to their careers, without neglecting any of the two components in their lives.
We were also thinking about ourselves, because this is exactly who we are.

So who are we, you ask?

We are Christine and Linda.


Christine is 30 years old, married, and calls two gorgeous small boys her own.
Chris is two and a half year old and Guy is one year old.
As such they keep her so busy; she had to take a break from being a full time VP Marketing executive in a High-Tech company to look after her kids at home.
But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work. Far from it, as she uses her professional expertise right here on this venture.

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Linda, 28 years old, has her hands just as full as  I do, as she, too, is married with two small children, beautiful Becky and Alan, nine month old twins.
As those mommies among you, who have twins, can attest, they make for a handful. Everything has to be delivered at the same time twice.

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Linda, too, decided to prolong her time home with her little ones, and added the professional aspect to the staying at home mommy routine, by getting me, Christine, her lifelong friend and neighbor on board to realize her dream of designing baby and toddler’s clothes.

Our closeness has only grown with the shared joy and burden of raising our families.
Now we share also this blog, where we describe the whole process of parenting from all possible angles. It is a blog not only to share our experiences, but also to accompany and inspire other women in their journey into and through pregnancy and motherhood.

As mothers of small children ourseleves, we know that there are tons of questions that each expectant and recent mother requires answering, dilemmas and doubts to be discussed and solved.
It is after all a great responsibility imposed on a woman’s shoulder to be responsible for all aspects of a young human’s life. As such, all mothers deserve rightly the title of super mommy.
This blog is called “I’m super mommy”, because this is what all of you are.
And to stay it in the eyes of your kids we not only provide you with valuable information, but also with a source of constantly updated beautiful objects for your little ones, which you can purchase in our shop.

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